Scanning ports to safety



What We Do

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The most powerful scanner with the least false positives means efficiency at low cost.

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Applicable on 35% of all websites on the internet, so why look further?

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Decrease the attack surface by mapping the possible entries and close the gates!

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Ensure sufficient encryption, protection and cryptography on all communication.

Avoid humiliation
Bottom of the Barrel risks

Security is shallow

Of course it is possible to plan a security assessment, have your source-code reviewed and every possible physical and digital component tested. The world is developing its digital presence further and further, which challenges the world of cybersecurity to keep up.

We at Cyberdicht however, can and will not face up against this challenge. That is why we have developed a cheap, fast and dirty trick to cheat in on this false sense of security. Through our numerous scans we will get you that report your CISO, CEO or government wants.
In. One. Day. Guaranteed.

As Cyber Security veteran and expert Rian van Rijbroek wisely said, we have to cyberclose everything. No company could give the guarentee to fully cyberclose applications, until now.


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